Teton Botanical Gardens inspires the community

We support local schools and organizations to enhance their environment with plants, trees and trails. Our work ranges from the Center for the Arts to Teton County schools, and we love our work! We look forward to making outdoor areas and gardens come alive while educating and inspiring community members.

You can check out some of our installments at the following organizations.

Animal Adoption Center

Donated design and metal planters with annuals; planted dogwood to enhance courtyard and entrance.
Visit the Animal Adoption Center at 175 N Glenwood St. in Jackson. Learn more »

Jackson Hole Children’s Museum

We host weekly visits with children to help teach them the fun and basics of building gardens and tasty, nutritious foods. We also supported the restoration of a weed-strewn backyard into a usable area for play and education.
Visit the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum at 174 N. King St. in Jackson. Learn more »

Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center and Mountain House

Installed two raised gardens and pavers to enhance access for clients; created therapeutic features to make entrances and gardens more inviting. We also provide advice on soil additives and planting techniques. Learn more »

Off Square Theatre

Built a set design and installation for outdoor Shakespeare performances. Learn more »

Center for the Arts

Installation of willow nest sculpture in the atrium for audience enjoyment.
Visit Center for the Arts at 265 S. Cache St.  in Jackson. Learn more »